Fund Treasure Hunt!

To cover different costs and initial funding for Treasure Hunt, we ask the public for a generous donation, perhaps a cup of coffee for all the late nights, to keep the project going!

Support the project
Current Percentage Funded
Funding goal 0.54%

Funding in depth

In order to fully fund this project and bring out all planned features we will need a few things. Our funding goal is €10.000,-. With this €10.000,- we will be able to cover the following things:

If we pass the initial funding goal of €10.000,- then we  will be able to expand the vision of the game with more features, and goals to gain which will be explained down below. 

More Funding Goals

If the game achieves its initial 100% Funding of € 10.000,- then we’ll be able to look further into adding more features.

Why Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding for me is the best way to get this project started. As a solo developer it’s hard to get funding from big studios or other publishers, therefore I have chosen do Crowdfund it. Also, crowdfunding allows me to communicate with my audience better, since you, the fans, want to see this project come alive as much as I do. Soon we will be setting up a Kickstarter page

I would like to thank everyone for contributing to this project, whether it is just telling your friend how much you like Treasure Hunt and ask him to come and play it with you, or actually being a funder and supporting us financially. Making this project become a reality is a very big dream of mine, and hopefully yours too, so once again, thank you.