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KLM Cargo – Values Project

In my final year at HKU, a group of classmates and I were assigned to work with KLM Cargo on designing and creating a game to connect the KLM Cargo personnel worldwide and share their values. After a long time of working and iterating on different ideas such as Mario party likes games, Habbo inspired chatting platforms, etc, we came up with this prototype called “Lets Cargo”!

Let’s Cargo allows KLM employees to log in to the social platform where people can chat about values and gain points. There was also the option to do quizzes and other fun ways to explore the values that the employees of KLM all shared together.

A big challenge with this project was to keep it all web-based using WEB-GL. We had 3 developers working on this project where we created a Javascript server separately from Unity to run with Web-GL, as Unity Multiplayer was not supported at this time for WEB-GL due to internal changed in the engine.

Group Members

  • Joelle
  • Mick
  • Niels
  • Tymon
  • Valery
  • Yara