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Rootlash takes you on an adventure where you get to play as a living tree! Your home is being threatened by the expansion of humans, wood loggers and miners are…

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Melodic is a small and fun party game for 5 people where every person receives a random word, and with that word, you'll have to think of any song that…

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3D Amsterdam

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To gain more experience in the field of programming. I had decided to follow an internship at the City of Amsterdam. Here I gained more knowlege on how to work…

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Temple Hunters 0.3.5

Hello everyone and welcome to another Temple Hunters update! Update 0.3.5 has brought many new things and changes so lets get right into it! Vehicle models are now smoother.The first…

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Temple Hunters Update 0.3.4!

Hello everyone, Another exciting week of development. This week some Major Updates. Starting off with: AI has now been added to the game and will attack players from any faction.Bombs…

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