Version 0.3.1 Release!

Hello everyone! Today we’ve got a short but pleasant update for everyone! Starting off with amazing news, we’ve implemented a Chat function (which can be opened and closed with “T”) for everyone so you can communicate with the other players playing the game. Besides that, we’ve also now added the option to set and change a username for each and every player.

More news include a range of various bugfixes such as

  • The digging animation no longer stays if the player is not holding down the interaction key.
  • Animations of the player holding a box inside a vehicle have been fixed.
  • Animations not loading properly when switching weapons have been fixed.
  • The game Icon has been updated.
  • Main menu music now works again!

Now players are able to communicate with each other they’ll be able to come up with even more awesome tactics or just have regular fun together while enjoying the game.

That will be all for now, thank you all for playing the game and being here with me on launch day. And I’ll see you all soon, out hunting for treasure!