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Tombs, Traps and more!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Treasure Hunt update post!

Today I have some exciting gameplay to share with you all. This week I have been working hard on adding different Tombs, treasures and traps into the game. The first official tomb in the Sahara Desert map has been added and it is not an easy one!

Here’s a short video of the tomb

As you can see in the video, the player has to be very careful when entering and exiting tombs, there are many different types of traps such as fire, spikes, arrows and much more! Some are more obvious than others so always be sure to keep an eye open when you’re exploring the tombs trying to raid your treasures!

On other news, I have been working on the graphics menu and some progress has been made.

Also this week, I have released some footage to the public and gained some valuable feedback on the gameplay, lighting and looks which I will be incorporating throughout development!

I hope you all enjoyed this short but nice little update. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you all in the next update!