Temple Hunters 0.3.5

Hello everyone and welcome to another Temple Hunters update!

Update 0.3.5 has brought many new things and changes so lets get right into it!

  • Vehicle models are now smoother.
  • The first implementation of an audio slider has been added You can now change the main menu’s volume, more coming next this week!
  • The rate of fire of the rifle has been increased from 30 RPM to 50 RPM.
  • The interactive tutorial has been added The tutorial explains all the basics and keybindings of the game.
  • BUGFIX The character no longer spins when aiming or walking.
  • Vehicle steering has been improved and can now make shorter turns at slower speeds.

Stay tuned for next weeks update, as the game improves many other new and exciting features will be added. In other news we’re working on releasing the game on steam. We’re also planning to start a Kickstarter to help fund the game and the future goals that we have in plan. If you would like to donate right now already you can do so through Itch.IO or through the following donation link.

Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you all out there in the field, hunting for Treasure!