Temple Hunters Update 0.3.4!

Hello everyone, Another exciting week of development. This week some Major Updates. Starting off with:

  • AI has now been added to the game and will attack players from any faction.
  • Bombs are now on the map, becareful, get too close and they might blow!
  • Many new network optimizations have been added allowing the streaming of animations to be a lot more smoother!
  • Further network optimizations now preventing players from being kicked out of the lobby.

Besides that, we’ve also done more big scale gameplay testing where we ask for feedback from the community which has been very good so far!

I’ve also been figuring ways out on redesigning the code architecture which will allow me to develop an interactive tutorial in the following updates 🙂

Also more progress has been made on the Peruvian Jungle map, for more info check out our discord.

That’ll be all for today, thank you all for reading! And I’ll see you all out there hunting for Treasure!