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Temple Hunters Roadmap

Hello everyone! Here you can see the planned roadmap of the game Temple Hunters!

Current planned features:

  • Finish 1st map: Sahara Desert ✔
  • Rework User Interface Graphics ✔
  • Rework HUD Graphics
  • Add Audio Options (Slider, etc)
  • Add Graphics Options (Change resultion, quality, etc) ✔
  • Add Leaderboards ✔
  • Add Player Stats (Including names, kill count, etc) ✔
  • Add ingame tutorial ✔
  • Increasing server limit
  • More traps (Digging up bombs instead of Treasure)

There are many other features planned such as a possible Single player Campaign. As the community grows, and the vision grows. More and more exciting features will be added to the game!

We are always looking for constant player feedback on the project so feel free to contact us at any time.

Complete Sahara Desert Map
Progress 100%
User Interface Rework
Progress 95%
HUD Rework
Progress 80%
Audio Options
Progress 90%
Graphicss Options
Progress 100%
Progress 100%
Player Stats
Progress 50%
Ingame Tutorial
Progress 100%

Once the current features have been fully implemented, development will continue onto the next requested/required systems that will be added to the game.